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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  December 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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i'm michelle griego. >> it is monday. hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5. and we begin the hour with breaking news. firefighters are at the scene of a big rig fire. >> the fire is on the 2600 block of fairmont drive and according to dispatch, at least one person was trapped inside the cab of the truck for some time. it's been burning for more than an hour and a half. downed power lines may be on the truck making it difficult to douse the flames. pg&e is on the scene and we have crew on the way. >> in the meantime, let's check traffic and find out if it's causing any problems. because of the activity, they have closed roads in and around that area, especially fairmont. this is at the 2600 block of fairmont. it is shut down at last check between 580 and lake chabot. use an alternate in the meantime. we'll continue to keep you updated. fairmont is completely blocked
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off between 580 and lake chabot. as you work your way through the east bay, the freeways are looking pretty good. we have a broken down vehicle at the incline of the bay bridge. traffic early, still quiet as you work your way toward the plaza. golden gate bridge not showing any trouble spots and a live look at conditions in the south bay. here's 101. we have our photographer standing by. looks nice, smooth sailing through there. 5:02 now, a man was found unconscious on the san francisco street and has died. the man and a woman were found bound and gagged in the middle of brussel street in the bay view district . they were rushed to san francisco general hospital. the man died at midnight. the woman is being treated for life threatening injuries. police have no motive or suspects. this morning vallejo police are searching for a missing 77- year-old man. family members say philip
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maddingly had been called to fix a boat on saturday. he's 6 feet tall, 200 pounds with hazel eyes and surgery scars on his left arm. they comed through waters yesterday and called the serge off because of rough currents. a crash involving a car and caltrain in san francisco, a northbound train hit a car around 6 last night at the 16 16th the street intersection. that's near the caltrains depot at 4th and townsend. no one was hurt in the crash but northbound tracks were shut down well into the evening while the car was removed and inspectors made sure that the equipment was safe. there's another community meeting tonight to give people in san jose a chance to talk about the city's next police chief. it's the last of four meetings on the issue. the new chief is is expected to be an outsider since no one from the department has applied for the job. the community meeting is at 6:30 at south side community center. 5:03. i don't know if there's a link
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between lawrence being off and liz being in and it's t being a beautiful -- it bag -- being a beautiful day but let's go for it. >> yeah, plenty of sunshine today throughout the day and tomorrow as well. clear skies. you can see a picture perfect shot of the bay bridge. you can see the moon out there in the distance. temperatures we're seeing a lot of 40s and 50s. oakland, one of the more mild spots right now, 59 degrees there. 53 in san francisco. and 42 in santa rosa. we have this big ridge of high pressure and it is sitting firm over the pacific, over the bay area. that's what's keeping us high and dry. today and tomorrow. now, by tomorrow night, that's when things start to get a little dicey. we're watching a low pressure system to the north and that is going to move our way bringing a good chance of rain by midweek. in the meantime, we'll focus on mild temperatures for today. a lot of 60s, mid- to upper 60s
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across the bay area. hopefully you enjoyed yesterday. it's going to be a similar story today. we're hitting a repeat on yesterday's forecast. coming up, we will get a check o. 7-day forecast because -- of that 7-day forecast because you will want to stay tuned for that. 5:04 now, grammy nominated latina musician from the united states is dead after her plane crashed in mexico. a small plane carrying jenny rivera went down shortly after takeoff in mexico. 7 people were on board. rivera's california driver's license was found at the crash site. they are headed to mexico to identify her remain. >> reporter: how do you want your sister remembered. >> every which way we can, the short, the nice.
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>> rivera recently divorced esteban luiso who once played for the oakland a's. and nelson mandela in the hospital this morning. those around him are giving few details. the 94-year-old hero had been admitted to a military hospital for testing and he was comfortable. he became south africa's first black president in 1994. a man believed to be the gunman on a shooting rampage in tule county has died after being shot by police. 31-year-old hector receive leia was the -- ceylaya. was the prime suspect in the shooting. four members of his family were killed. two wounded including his 8- year-old daughter.
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police caught up with celaya, he was eventually killed in the shoot out. how the vigil of a man killed outside his home. police found a 43-year-old with multiple gunshot wounds outside his house. investigators are looking for the shooting. the name of the victim has not been released. today is sentencing day for the woman who killed nursing student michelle lei last year. her body was found in a remote area of alameda county four months after she disappeared from a hayward hospital. esteban was said to have killed lei in a jealous rage over a man. the man accused o of kidnapping sierra lamar will be anneed on new charges. he's been accused of three other attempted kidnappings. they took place in 2009 all in a safeway parking lot. garcia was employed at the
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safeway in morgan hill. vandals have tried to silence a vallejo radio station. kzct is operating online only. vandals had struck the translator site over the weekend. the station's o operator is wondering if the attacks are racially motivated. >> i'm only one man. i can only fight so long. this is community radio. a racial slur was painted on the building during an attack earlier this year. well, we could find out this morning whether bay area crab fishermen will be bringing in their catch anytime soon. crabbers will meet at 10 in san francisco to plan their move. they've been on strike since wholesalers tried to cut the price they pay for crabs. it was hard to find fresh crab at the crab festivals. >> do you have any fresh crab
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left. >> no, we don't. we're all out. >> whatever we got, whatever they can get. >> crabbers were getting 3 bucks a pound when the season started. wholesalers want to cut that by as much as 75-cents. it's up to the commissioners of the pocket of oakland, to decide whether to -- port of oakland, to decide whether to accept the contract. it includes a 2.5% cost of living raise. last month they went on a 24 hour strike which disrupted operations. fedex is anticipating its biggest shipping day of the year. the company expects to handle a record number of packages due in part to a big jump in online holiday orders. cate cauguiran is in san francisco with more on the massive volume expected today. all of us wanted to give you our packages to send. i know, i was not going to take orders from you guys. i know you can easily take them to this fedex location, one of 1800 in the country where it's
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expected to be busy. i'm told employees will start showing up here in the next half hour and then the morning sort begin. nationwide, though, more than 320,000 employees will be hard at work across the country. they will be processing about get this, 200 packages per second. these are all of your holiday gifts that fedex is working get to its destination, and every year the amount of packages shipped breaks last year's record. on its peak day last year, fedex shipped more than 17 million packages. today they're looking at another increase, shipping more than 19 million packages. the mailing company expects to ship 218 million between thanksgiving and christmas and this is up 13% from last year. the big question is how do they do this. aside from the hundred thousands of employees making sure everything moves smoothly, fedex has 90,000 vehicles, 660 airplanes. they have other modes of transportation as well.
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boats, and electric tricycles. fedex says it's because of the increase in online shopping or e-commerce. online sales will jump 17% this year. this week is one of the busiest weeks for online shopping. i heard that experts are saying about it's going to go up 17% this year. that's all going to contribute and all those packages will end up here at fedex off to its holiday destination. if you guys want to send your holiday packages this way, you might want o -- to stop by here. >> it's hard to send if somebody hasn't bought anything yet. >> i admit yes. thank you. time is 5:11, a dangerous and deadly rescue, a team of soldiers put their lives on the line to save a doctor in afghanistan. >> and a new week and a new approach, the signs of progress
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o things at ikea, but a monkey, yep, this weekend shoppers in canada were shocked to see this little monkey dressed in a sharp coat roaming the parking lot of all places. the police say the 7-month-old escaped from its crate. he managed to find his way outside of a parked car. the owners have signed the monkey over to toronto animal services. >> that's a real monkey, thatness a stuffed monkey -- that's not a stuffed mono. >> he looks pretty slick. >> that is a nice coat. >> he's cruising. maybe he has christmas shopping to do, who knows. let's jump over to the freeways, we have a couple things brewing out there. fairmont blocked between 580 and lake chabot. we have a developing situation where a big rig caught fire. may have taken out power lines. we'll get you a live report in the next two minutes. right now that road is completely shut down, fairmont
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between 580 and lake chabot. no word on when things will reopen. let's jump to the bay bridge. a live look at conditions as you work your way towards the bay bridge. one just past the toll plaza, another one reported at intersection. always unturn deck of the bay -- on the upper direct deck of the bay bridge. crumpling to the maps, we'll show you traffic looks like. as you work your way toward the bay bridge, traffic clear, 63 miles per hour as far as speeds go in and around the area. if you're working your way towards, not showing any delays. 580 clear, 880 and 24 looking good through the east bay. we don't have a lot of accidents but caltrans has been busy this morning. northbound 280 to south 101 shut down r for road work. a live look at conditions near
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candle stick, very quiet, not lot going on. if you're headed to sfo, quiet traffic there. >> quiet in the weather center. you can put away the rain boots and umbrellas. it's going to be clear skies and dry weather. for the next couple of days, by tuesday night, things are going to look different. you can see clear skies, moon in the distance, and temperatures in the 40s and 50s in the bay area. we're going to warm up to the mid to upper 60s. plenty of sunshine in the inland spots. reaching a high of 57 degrees in some places. feel like yesterday, similar story for today. why, it's because of this big ridge o of high pressure and it continues to build over the bay area. like i said, things are going to change. we'll time it out in the future cast. things remain boring for today through much of the day tomorrow. tuesday night into wednesday morning, that's when things get dice yes you can see the low
5:17 am
pressure system heading to the north in the bay area. not going to bring a whole lot of rainfall, an inch or less. and overall, it's not going to be a bad weather system to move through. you will need a raincoat for tomorrow, at least for the evening commute home. just a few remaining sprinkles. forecast for later on this afternoon, lot of 60s in the bay area. mid- to upper 60s in a lot of places. 66 in oakland. mid-60s in san francisco. and just a quick check of some airport forecasts. sfo, highs of 63 degrees. and other airports across the country going to see rainy conditions in houston, chicago, and new york city. thank you. in your world this morning, a u.s. military member was killed yesterday while rescuing a colorado springs doctor kidnapped by the taliban. insurgents captured dr. joseph on wednesday outside kabul. he was e working for a missionary group in the area.
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president obama and leon panetta are praising the operation and the service member killed for their efforts. protesters continue to demonstrate outside the presidential palace in cairo. opponents are calling for a boycott of the constitutional referendum scheduled for saturday. the constitution was pushed through without input from any group other than the islamics. the noble committee chairman is presenting the the prize in oslo hall. the european union was this year years winner for its work fostering peace. john mcafee says he wants to return to the united states. mcafee is accused o of killing his neighbor in beliz.
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>> our intent is to return to america and settle down to whatever normal life we can settle down to under the circumstances. >> he answered reporters questions during an internet broadcast from the detention center over the weekend. the effort to avoid the fiscal cliff comes down to two men, president obama and house speaker john boehner held a face to face meeting at the white house and more meetings are expected. the main sticking points remain, raising taxes and cuts to the entitlement programs. republicans are signaling a willingness to raise rates on the wealthy. >> there is a growing group of folks that are looking at this and realizing we don't have a lot of cards as it relates to the tax issue before year end. house republicans still oppose raising taxes under the top 2 person under many circumstances and democrats are skeptical about rushing through entitlement reform. they agreed not to discuss
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good morning, welcome back, here's a live look at the beautiful bay bridge this morning. i've just updated currently temperatures if you're heading out the door. pretty wide temperature spread. santa rosa. 41 degrees. 06 in oakland. what's in store for the afternoon, we'll tell you coming up. and we have two separate stalled vehicles at the bay bridge. one just past the toll plaza and another one as you head to the upper deck of the bay bridge. metering lights are still off. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. the professional hockey season is still in limbo. talks between the league and the players union broke down last thursday night after three days of negotiations at a new
5:24 am
york hotel. deputy commissioner bill dally says he's been in contact with the players association and the sides are working on returning to the bargaining table as early as this week. we'll have to see what happens. >> don't hold your breath. >> yeah, who knows. the 49ers at home against miami, up 6 to 3 at the half. >> and frank core got the 9ers first touchdown of the day and number 50 of his career. he's tied with joe perry franchise record. and collin kaepernick doing it with his feet, a 50-yard run. the 9ers get their 9th win of the season. let's go to tampa for the play of the day. nick fouls is going to get rid of the ball. watch wide receiver jason vaughan. a one handed grab there. look at that, kind of reels that baby back in. eagles went onto win their
5:25 am
first in 9 games, 23-21 with an upset special. and worst foul shot ever, hello, that is bad. brian okam is a 7-foot center for appalachian state and said i'm here to rebound. i can't shoot. they went onto beat western carolina. >> how does that happen, it rolls off the fingers bad. >> i don't know. he clearly is more of a rebounder than a shooter. it's 5:26, the first same sex wedding since washington state legalized gay marriage. the plane is totaled. nobody inside survived. some new details on will tee e that -- latina star jenni rivera. we're two weeks away from christmas eve which means a record breaking day for fedex,
5:26 am
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two people have been found bound and gagged in the middle of a san francisco street. a bizarre discovery prompts a homicide investigation in san francisco. the plane is totaled. nobody inside survived. mexican american super star jenni rivera died in the plane crash. >> most of you that know my sister, she was a strong person. they started tango. face to face meetings resume in the fiscal cliff deadline. the agreement is closer than you might think.
5:30 am
fedex is gearing up for the busiest day of the year. a bay area community station is taken off the air by vandals for the third time this year. crab fishermen try and bring an end to a week long strike. it would be great to get out there and start putting money in our pockets. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning. mallicoat. good morning everyone, it is monday, it's december 10th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 5:31. we have some breaking news in the east bay this morning. chopper 5 is over san leandro right now and that's where a big rig caught fire on fairmont drive, just about two hours ago, you can see crews out there and a lot of fire trucks. looks like the flames are out on that big rig, but downed power lines may be on the truck
5:31 am
which complicated the fire fight. pg&e is on the scene and according to dispatch, one person was trapped inside the cab of the truck for some time. we have a crew on the way. we'll bring a live report. a man has died several hours after he was found tied up on a san francisco city street. the man was unconscious when he was found bound and gagged in the middle of the street in the bay view district. the woman was tided up on brussels treat. san francisco police don't have a motive and they don't have a suspect either. in vallejo, dive times will return to the water os to search for a missing man. this man, 77-year-old philip maddingly was services a boat and hasn't been seen since. about 200 pounds, hazel eyes and surgery scars on his left
5:32 am
arm, solano dive time combed the waters yesterday. people are mourning the loss of a super star who died after her plane crashed in mexico. >> a small plane carrying jenni rivera went down in rough terrain shortly after takeoff. 7 people were believed to be on the plane. rivera's california driver's license has been found at the crash site. the 43-year-old from long beach was known as diva de la banda. . >> it's a shock to the family. those of you who know my sister, she was a strong person. she fight for everything in life. >> rivera recently divorced former major league pitcher, esteban luiso . she was named the artist of the year.
5:33 am
gisele esteban, the union city woman facing 25 years in prison for first-degree murder of killing michelle lei. her body was found in a remote area of alameda county four months after she disappeared during a class break. the man accused of killing and kidnapping sierra lamar will be arraigned on new charges. he's accused of trying to kidnap three other women. sierra lamar vanished last march. her body has not been found. her dna was found inside his car. a valet owe radio station is -- vallejo radio station is without power again. kczt is operating online only. the vandals struck the transitter line this weekend
5:34 am
cutting a hole through the wall and wiring. the station's operator wants to know if the attacks are racially motivated. >> i know it's not our content. we are a community radio station. we're talking about things that are happening in vallejo. we don't focus on negativeity. a rational slur was painted on the building during an attack earlier this year. that's unfortunate. you were out of town over the weekend and you missed a stellar day yesterday. >> and i was in 23-degree weather. freezing. >> in denver, that's right. it was good sunbathing weather. >> it was like a spring day. we were all really lucky around the bay area and looks like we're going to get lucky for a second day. you can hit ditto on the forecast are from yesterday. and we're not seeing much fog throughout. what's with all the sunshine,
5:35 am
mild weather, it's because of high pressure and it continues to build all across the bay area. we are watching an area of low pressure. it is to our north and it's going to bring rain showers by about midweek. looks like tuesday night we could get hit. in the meantime, we'll just focus on today's weather and these middle conditions, you can see 60s mid- to upper 60s. looks like 65 degrees in san francisco. so i do promise you a check of our 7-day forecast. in the meantime, let's monitor the roadways, here's giana. we're going to head to the bay bridge. a couple of stalled vehicles, one past the toll plaza. still very light this morning. not a lot of cars there just yet. metering lights remain off. traffic is clear in the san san mateo bridge. jumping over to the maps right now. a couple things, south 880
5:36 am
right at fremont we have reports of an accident where a vehicle went off the right shoulder. word of possible injuries also and again that stalled vehicle just as you come off the bay bridge toward the skyway. so far, traffic through that area is moving along with no delays. you're clear all the way into san francisco. same with the golden gate bridge, no delays to report. and b.a.r.t., muni. the suspect in a deadly shooting rampage at an end yan reservation has died. hector celaya was the prime suspect of the shooting. four members of his family were killed. two others were wounded. deputies were chasing him last night. two of his daughters were in the car on life threatening injuries. he was killed in a shoot out with police. police are looking for the people who stabbed a 14-year-
5:37 am
old boy near san jose's christmas in the park. it happened at a carnival adjacent to the plaza de. cesar chavez. witnesses say the three suspects are in their teens or early 20s. police believer the attack was gang related. the oakland police department could come under new management this week. a federal judge is expected to finalize a deal between the city and lawyers in a police brutality case. the judge will appoint someone to oversee the department. that person will answer directly to the judge and could have the power to fire police chief howard jordan. other headlines, tomorrow the concord city council takes up a contention issue, should people who use medical marijuana be allowed to use it outdoors. residents disagree on what should be permitted and whether backyard growers are following current law. they'll have a chance to air their opinions at tomorrow's meeting coming up. well, today measure is up
5:38 am
for discussion that could increase the supply of smoke free rental housing in san francisco. proposed legislation would require apartment units to be labeled smoking or nonmoking. most residents back the idea. fedex is ramping up operations to handle the biggest shipping day of the area. they are anticipating a record number of packages due in part to a big jump in online holiday orders. cate cauguiran here in san francisco with more on what fedex is doing to handle the biggest day of the year. >> reporter: hi, put it on your calendars two weeks away from christmas. employees just showed up. they're going to start what's called the morning sort and that's when things are going to pick up here at this fedex location. i'm joined live by andre toledo. thank you so much for joining us. 19million packages nationwide are going to be sent out.
5:39 am
the big question is how do you do it. >> a lot of hard working dedicated employees, 110 to 120 employees this morning, and we'll probably top out by 200 by days end. >> reporter: why is it today, how come you see so many packages, is there a lot of shopping or what's the reason you see of the up take. >> our regular business and online shopping has improved year over year, so we're seeing more and more of it. >> reporter: i know my anchors as well as myself have not sent out our gifts just yet. what is your biggest tip for holiday shoppers. >> choose us, fedex express, and you have until the 22nd to get your anchors presents. >> there is a deadline. is it fedex express will get there on time. >> up until the 22nd you can use us. >> andre says it himself, if you want to get your packages in by december it 2nd -- december 22 december 22nd and you haven't already, you have
5:40 am
to use fedex express. >> i think he said you have two weeks to buy your anchors some presents. >> that's exactly glebes maybe i should go through one of the -- that's exactly what he said. >> maybe i should go through one of these boxes and see what they have. >> the australian dj's behind the royal hoax are speaking out. i'm so devastated for them. >> the tearful apology r for a prank that ended with the death of a nurse. and a bittersweet winner for the dallas cowboys, how the team is coping after a players was killed in a car crash. and live pictures from chopper 5 right now. we're now learning that it was a laundry truck that caught on fire here. this is in san leandro. there's reports of power lines down as well. we're going to have an update for you when we get back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] it seems like the best family traditions always start in the kitchen. ♪ happy holidays... from rice krispies®. breaking news: we're now learning a laundry truck cat fire on fairmont drive abouo a we're following some breaking news right now. we're learning a laundry truck caught fire. the flames just going. this was posted on twitter. the flames were pretty intense at this point. the flames are out now. this is a live picture from chopper 5 over the scene.
5:44 am
there are reports of downed power lines and that's making it tricky for crews. according to dispatch, at least one person was trapped inside the cab of the truck for some time. begun, we're following the story, we have a crew on the way. the flames are out at this point. >> 5:44. same sex couples began tieing the knot legally in washington state over the weekend. uld be performed. more than o >> voters legalized it last month and yesterday. first day marriage ceremonies could be performed. more than 1000 same sex couples received marriage license in counties all across the state. washington, maine and maryland are the first states to approve same sex marriage by popular vote. >> it looks like wall street will open when the new sessions starts 45 minutes o or so. >> ashley morrison joins us now
5:45 am
of cbs money >> stock futures are pointing to a lower open but stocks in asia edged higher, a news of rising factory out growth in china. on wall street, stocks ended mixed following news the economy added more jobs than predicted. the unemployment rate fell to a four year low of 7.7%. the dough closed up 81 points on friday while the nasdaq dropped 11 point. president obama and house speaker john boehner met to try to prevent the impending fiscal cliff. the tax hikes and spending cuts due to kick in on january 1st. the main sticking points remain, and cuts to entitlement programs medicare. the president has asked congress to work through the holiday break if no deal is reached before then: the federal reserve is expected to announce an expansion o of
5:46 am
their program. they will extend the program of buying $85 billion of securities each month into the the new year. announcement is expected when the bankers meet tomorrow and wednesday. a new survey shows pay for private college presidents continues the upward climb. they studied data from 2010 and median compensation rose to $400,000. that is up nearly 3 personality. that's a -- percent. that's a pretty good paying job there. very lucrative. >>, thank you. a heavy storm is pummeling the upper midwest. 15 inches of snow dumped on the twin city in minnesota. crews are cranking up the late to melty snow -- melt snow on the roof. it dumped 17 inches of snow on
5:47 am
the roof causing it to cave in a couple years ago. and in denver a couple weeks ago it was 80. >> about four days ago it was 70 degrees and yesterday it was 23 degrees. i'm glad we don't have to deal with weather there. >> it's a slow mover in minnesota, worst storm in two winters. >> nothing like that here in the bay area. we're going to see a repeat of what we saw yesterday. dry and mild conditions persist. it's a temperature difference depending on where you are. oakland 60 degrees. 41 in santa rosa. clear skies, not a whole lot of fog out there to slow you down. this morning, sunshine makes a come back, mid- to upper 60s all across the bay area. what is up with the mild temperatures. it's because of high pressure. and it is sitting firm over the pacific and the bay area. things are going to look a little different by about tuesday night, wednesday
5:48 am
morning. we'll time it with our future cast. today, boring, tuesday, kind of a similar story and then tuesday night into wednesday morning, that's when you see the big swash of green. that's the area of low pressure. it's moving over the bay area. looks like it will be out of here wednesday afternoon and. a few sprinkles wednesday evening. not a whole lot of rain. a half inch or recess. for this afternoon -- less. for the afternoon, lots of sunshine. mid-60s in livermore. 66 in oakland. and 65 in san francisco. here's a look at the forecast for the next several days. once again, today and tomorrow look dry. we're going to see slightly cooler temperatures by tomorrow. especially in the north bay and along the coast. and then wednesday, wednesday morning we could get hit with rain showers all across the bay area. thursday and friday look dry, but then things remain unsettled through next weekend. that is a check of your 7-day
5:49 am
forecast, for more on your roadways. >> if you are headed back to work via 580 westbound, we are seeing extra volume headed toward the dublin interchange. no accidents a as you work through there. we are seeing slight delays. overall it's cruising, moving, 21 minutes dog -- to go from the altama pass , and brake lights through antioch. south 880 at fremont look for an accident on the right shoulder. not blocking any lanes but you may see spectators slowing and no delays on so 101. free flowing those directions. the dallas cowboys win this sunday was bittersweet. it came just a day after a deadly crash killed one player
5:50 am
and put another one behind bars. an hour after the 20-19 win, cowboys defensive lineman josh brent was released from jail. brent was driving drunk early saturday when he lost control of he has mercedes. it killed his passenger, jerry brown, a practice squad line backer and brent's old college roommate in illinois. >> a tragedy occurred to our football team. it's been emotional for everybody. >> there was a moment of silence before the game. a brown's jersey was placed as you see here on the bench. if convicted brent faces a minimum of two years in jail. two australian dj's who made the prank call to the hospital where the duchess of cambridge was being treated for morning sickness are off the air. they spoke out saying they're sorry that a hospital employee has apparently taken her own life over the incident. >> i'm so devastated for them. i'm really feeling for them.
5:51 am
it's a shocking turn of events. if we had any idea that something like this could be even possible to happen, you know, we couldn't see this happening. it was may not to be a prank call. >> according to royal staffers, kate middleton is suffering morning sickness again but is not expected to return to hospitals. >> radio stations do that all the time. who would think it would lead to something like that. 5:52, the man behind two of the most memorable quotes of 2012 plus all they want for christmas is dad. santa comes through for the daughters of a soldier stationed in afghanistan. ,,,,,,
5:52 am
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the best quotes of the year. a librarian at yale updatesa book of quotations every ye.
5:54 am
they say this year's top was romney's controversial 47- percent remark when a librarian at yale up dated the book of quotation and this year's top was romney 47% remark remark, sake 47% believe they are victims and coming in a close, when romney said he binders full of women. >> the late night guys went off on that in a big way. the national memorial was lit last night in a special ceremony in the nation's capitol. sunday marked the first day and second night of hanukkah. thousands of people attended the ceremony. jimmy carter attended the first lighting in 1979 and are president reagan dubbed it national menorah. a toy or puppy is usually at the top of most kids wish list. >> usually but for two little
5:55 am
girls, it was daddy. 9-year-old brooklyn and 8-year- old rachel christiansan hadn't seen their father in nine months, but with help from mom, santa delivered. >> wish real hard. >> daddy. when i deployed, my wife and i were talking about coming home and doing something special for the girls. kind of surprised them a little bit. >> do you know how much i missed you two. >> the christiansen family has been together five of the last 26 months. >> look at that hug, isn't that sweet. >> they needed time together. >> a long time for a little girl to wait for daddy. mom just found out last week her husband would be home for christmas and set up the surprise. 5:56 right now, the next half hour, male madness and we're live at fedex for the busiest shipping day of the season. and breaking news out of
5:56 am
san leandro. a laundry truck crashes, catches fire. the and music world mourns the loss of mexican singer jenni rivera, the clue pulled from the site where the plane went down. ,,,, welcome se my lcret d you are? your worst nightmare mr. box. since you foolishly brought back your bonus jack! i have copied your two pure beef patties, lettuce, melting cheese, pickles, and middle bun, plus fries and a drink for $4.49. and now you will tell me what is in your secret sauce!!
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ms and driver's you're watching, cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. pg&e crews on the scene of a laundry truck fire. the power problems and drivers dares escape from the burning truck. two people found bound and gagged, the murder investigation here in san francisco. high pressure, temperatures until the 60s, that's what's in store for today. but this mild weather won't last long. coming up, a look at your 7-day forecast. and the


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